Choreo Pricing

Choreo’s simple and transparent pricing lets you develop and deploy the components (e.g., APIs, microservices, and integrations) needed for your business.


$0 for first 5 components

Ideal for developers.


+ resource usage ($100 credits per month free)

  • 2 projects
  • 5 developers
  • Public repo only
  • Scales down to 0 when not in use
  • Up to 10 transactions per second
  • Supports only Choreo’s Cloud Data Plane


$150/component per month

Ideal for teams collaboratively building cloud native apps.

Sign up with your work email to get 5 components free for 6 months

+ resource usage ($1000 credits for 6 months free)

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited developers
  • Private or public repo
  • Can scale up without restrictions
  • You decide how to scale down
  • Unlimited transactions per second
  • Supports both Choreo’s Cloud Data Plane and Private Data Planes

Resource Cost Estimation

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Components5 components 5 components
Resources (CPU, RAM, Storage etc)$100 credits $1,000 credits

Manage source with GitHub repo
Continuous integration (CI)
Continuous delivery (CD)
Deployments to cloud platformsChoreo CloudAzure, AWS, GCP, OpenShift, VMWare Tanzu, and any Kubernetes clusterAzure, AWS, GCP, OpenShift, VMWare Tanzu, and any Kubernetes cluster Support for OpenShift, VMWare Tanzu, and any Kubernetes Cluster is in the roadmap.

Scheduled jobs

API testing with natural language
Anomaly detection

Create new APIs
Secure APIs
Test APIs
API developer portal
API analytics and insightsLimited
API requests and callsLimitedLimitedUnlimited
API monetization

Monitoring dashboard
Third-party extensions-Limited

SSO for API developer portal
Enterprise login-
Container manifest scanning
Container static scanning
Run-time container security
Role-based access control
Third party identity provider (IdP)-

MySQLLimitedSelect a plan that suits youSelect a plan that suits you
PostgreSQLLimitedSelect a plan that suits youSelect a plan that suits you
RedisLimited Select a plan that suits youSelect a plan that suits you
Scale to zero

Custom domain mapping-
Creating new user rolesOnly default roles allowed
Number of environments2UnlimitedUnlimited