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Choreo will build, deploy, test, run, and monitor your apps, helping you get them to production faster.


What Is Choreo?

Everything You Need to Build Apps in the Cloud

Host SaaS products

Host web apps

Host APIs

Host jobs

User authentication

Authorization management

Secure configuration management

Cloud native

Multi-environment deployment

Multi-cloud deployment

Zero trust deployment

Scalable deployment

Laptop deployment

Kubernetes deployment

Highly available deployment


Multi-version development

VSCode plugin

GitHub and BitBucket integration

Unit and integration testing

Manage multiple projects and components

Team management

AI augmented engineering

Cell-based architecture

Troubleshooting and monitoring

DORA metrics

Delivery insights

Usage insights

eBPF and Cilium-based observability

API management and portal

API marketplace and reuse

Cost optimization

Develop in Any Language or Framework of Your Choice

Why Use Choreo?

FeatureHerokuAWS AmplifyVercelRailwayRenderChoreo
User authentication and authorization management
Autoscaling of apps
Docker-based development using Dockerfiles
Multiple runtime support
Multi environment support
API management
Marketplace and reuse
Multi-version development
Query and visualize usage/analytics data

Loved by Developers

IIIT Hyderabad works on various innovative technology solutions that help nonprofits in healthcare, education and other sectors to support the communities they serve. Using Choreo and its marketplace, we are providing a one-stop-shop where nonprofits can access APIs to applications and services without having to know which organizations they come from. Choreo also automates API documentation, single sign-on, and management of the underlying infrastructure, which has freed up our team to focus on making new solutions available faster.

Khoushik Ananth
Lead Engineer

The financial savings it represents for my startup is considerable. However, the true value is in the WSO2 team's expertise and the deeply hands-on approach they take to getting you up and running on their platforms.

Richard Davis

Choreo allows you to develop APIs with a great user experience that's focused on the developer like never before. You are fully productive from start to finish. Choreo has knocked down the time-to-market!

Fidel Prieto Estrada
Integration Consultant

Choreo lets me create, deploy and observe APIs effortlessly. It makes integration between the SaaS applications much easier and faster with the various connectors available. Overall Choreo next gen iPaaS platform helps enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation implementations.

Balaji Ravindran
Senior Engineer

Choreo provides a straightforward solution for platform engineering and management aspects compared to other tools out there.

Suren Rodrigo

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